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you're too busy you're writing your tragedy.

the artst fomaly know as megan
15 January
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14.female.cooler than you

♥ adam is my my virus protection

the robot
hi, my name is megan. my best friend in the whole entire world is adam, and i love his knees. i like it when people use these little smily face thingys [+__+] thats a robot. lol and i also ove this one T.T. hehe. but i allways forget to use them, and spaz when i see outher people use it. i love to post these heart things on my comments ♥ and my faviorte colrs are deep pink, lime green, ornge and electic blue. yeah, i'm cool. i like to join communities that aren't really active, and try to get people to post. i like to leave people random comments. it fun. okay so if you havn't relized by now, i am a nerd. but the cool kind, not the un-cool kind lol. i hate writeing about my self, so i ramble on. i tend to do that too. blah blah blah. w/e. i'm cool-er than you, and thats all that matters.

saying "hey salor, new in town?"
my chemical romance
the used
the killers
icess (x core)

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